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We are different.

We use the Pettibon System which is a comprehensive rehabilitation program for the spine's hard and soft tissues. It is a spine and posture correction method that provides pain relief, restores normal spinal forms and functions. It is an extensively researched, practical alternative to physical therapy and in many cases surgery. This system can achieve very rapid changes, not only in changing your posture, but ultimately in changing your overall health. (www.pettibonsystem.com)

Our extensive corrective care and rehabilitation program is non-invasive and uses the body’s own innate neurological reflexes to correct the postural distortion or abnormality causing the pain, disability or other health disorder. We use X-rays for diagnosis, evaluate progress, and show proof of treatment effectiveness. We offer a complete rehabilitation program not only in the clinic but also a home care plan that works toward ensuring permanent correction.

Spinal Decompression Treatment

The Pettibon-Spinal Rejuvenation Table (P-SRT) is a revolutionary advanced spinal treatment. It is designed to reverse the compression of the spine and discs from gravity. The P-SRT is the only decompression table that uses whole body vibrations (WBV) to accelerate the rehabilitation of injured disc tissue as well as enhance spinal correction. “By implementing The P-SRT combined with the Pettibon System Protocol, we are able to strengthen the spine to prevent a disc problem from coming back".