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Three Phases of Care

Phase I – Initial Intensive Care
During this phase of care, we focus on symptom relief, improving normal spinal curves, improving range of motion, and starting spinal balancing.

Phase II – Rehabilitation and Correction
In this phase of care, we work toward achieving optimal spine correction. We focus on increasing your body strength, mobility and function.

Phase III – Maintenance and Supportive Care
In this phase, we focus on increasing stability, general fitness and maintaining this care for your body.   

Our care protocol ...

Our treatment and therapy are more time-intensive; one visit could be 35 min or longer.

-          Spinal warm-up exercise and stretching using the Wobble Chair, the Pettibon  Cervical Traction Unit, the Vibration Platform and/or the Link Traning.   

-          PTLMS stimulation: Increases blood flow into tissues, Disburses inflammation in joints, Flushing fluid toxins, such as lactic acid, from the body.

-          Spinal Correction:  A distraction-type (opening) force that stretches the spinal column. This type of mobilizing procedure is more aligned with biological functions and more effective for relieving nerve compression, pain and dysfunction.

-          Neuromuscular re-education and rehabilitative exercises : Pettibon Weighting System and/or Spinal Molding.

-          Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy using the Pettibon-Spinal Rejuvenation Table (For each specific case).